Relationship-Based Care: A Model for Transforming Practice

Relationship-Based Care: A Model for Transforming Practice
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    Mary Koloroutis, Jayne Felgen, Donna Wright, Colleen Person, Marie Manthey, Leah Kinnaird

    The result of Creative Health Care Management's 25 years experience in health care, this book provides health care leaders with basic concepts for transforming their care delivery system into one that is patient and family centered and built on the power of relationships. Relationship-Based Care provides a practical framework for addressing current challenges and is intended to benefit health care organizations in which commitment to care and service to patients is strong and focused. It will also prove useful in organizations searching for solutions to complex struggles with patient, staff and physician dissatisfaction; difficulty recruiting and retaining and developing talented staff members; conflicted work relationships and related quality issues.

    Now in it's 19th printing, Relationship-Based Care has sold over 70,000 copies world-wide. It is the winner of the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award. Be sure to get your copy of the Relationship-Based Field Guide, it shows readers how Relationship-Based Care is being implemented across the country. Now available as an audio book!

    Softcover, 288 pages. (2004)
    ISBN: 978-1-886624-19-1

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    Table of Contents

    • Foreword
      Jean Watson
    • Introduction
      Mary Koloroutis
    • Chapter 1: A Caring and Healing Environment
      Jayne Felgen
    • Chapter 2: Leadership
      Mary Koloroutis
    • Chapter 3: Teamwork
      Donna Wright
    • Chapter 4: Professional Nursing Practice
      Mary Koloroutis
    • Chapter 5: Patient Care Delivery
      Colleen Person
    • Chapter 6: Resource Driven Practice
      Marie Manthey and Mary Koloroutis
    • Chapter 7: Outcomes Measurement
      Leah Kinnaird and Sharon Dingman
    • Afterword
      Mary Koloroutis

    From the Foreword:

    This publication marks the birth of a new era in health care. It ushers in a new consciousness of the deep dimensions of health and healing. At the core of this new consciousness are relationships and caring. What is special about this publication is that it offers practical models to guide practitioners in transforming care delivery-from the inside out.

    Since the national Pew-Fetzer report(Tressolini, 1994) on health care reform and relationship-centered care, there have been myriad efforts, activities, publications, research initiatives, newsletters, and practice incentives designed to re-establish relationships and caring as the basis for transformation of health care practitioners, systems, and delivery models.

    In this book, to transform specifically means to change the condition of what currently exists. According to the authors of this book, transformative change requires three things:

    • Leaders at all levels of the organization who are committed to the change;
    • Adoption by the organization of a methodology for the change it desires; and
    • Clear communication of goals-conveyed comprehensively and persuasively enough to inspire all who are actively engaged in the process.

    International Editions:
    Beziehungsbasierte Pflege: Ein Modell zur Ver-nderung der Pflegepraxis (German)
    ISBN: 9783456849102

    Cuidado Baseado no Relacionamento (Brazilian Portuguese)
    ISBN: 9788538802679

    Coming soon in Italian!